Who Are We?

The mission statement of Sister Spirit Incorporated/Camp Sister Spirit is as follows: to make available information, referral, education, advocacy and meeting space to address social issues including but NOT LIMITED TO racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, lookism, fat oppression, anti-Semitism, family abuse/ violence, sexual abuse/incest, housing, hunger, health care, fair labor practices, and environmental issues.

Most of all we want you to find “you” spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially.



Our beautiful campus of 120 acres in the heart of the Pinebelt of Southeast Mississippi is available for use by groups, families and individuals throughout the year. We are in the center of a hub consisting of Jackson, Mississippi, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Birmingham, Alabama. We are convenient to a large geographic area and near both Interstate 59 and Hwy. 49. The Hattiesburg Regional Airport connects to all major Air Lines and Amtrak stops at Hattiesburg (23 miles) on a daily basis as well. 

Camp Sister Spirit Folk School is a project of Sister Spirit Incorporated, a nonprofit, federally recognized tax exempt charitable organization whose mission is to eradicate hatred and differences through education and interaction with our neighbors. Our aim is to build a self-supporting structure to identify and create opportunities for meaningful and situation-specific social justice, and to put genuine social change within the reach of every member of the community.

To that end, we offer a unique location for your conference/meeting/retreat/gathering that is nothing ordinary. The land provides relief from the distractions common to facilities in a city environment and has a peaceful atmosphere to allow the participants an opportunity to contemplate their newly acquired information.

We host a variety of cultural events and retreats, including the Gulf Coast Womyn’s Festival. And we and our visitors work together in a spirit of mutual respect and regard to create a new way of being – living life deliberately, making decisions that are not fear-based, and working to obtain the tools needed for self-direction – a life that is truly free.

We need those of you, women and men (men are welcome at CSS unless a women-only event is in progress), who have always wanted to produce a workshop, gathering or special camping weekend with your friends, to know… this is the place. The camp has been or may be rented for Gulf Coast Women’s Festival, SpiritFest, Women Writer’s Weekend, Yoga Weekend, Drumming Circle, Plays & Concerts, Getaways, Board Retreats, Commitment Ceremonies, Hand Fastings, Birthday/Anniversary Parties, Circle Celebration, and more. 



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