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Our Friends at WDCS

We want to give a shoutout to our new friends over at WDCS (Water Damage Colorado Springs Company). The owner of WDCS happen to be vacationing in Mississippi in a near by town and was passing through when he noticed the flood we had in one of our buildings. Apparently we had a pipe burst and flooded the main floor of our largest building, soaking the carpet and hard woods.

Seeing that things were not going to get better from the wet vac we were using he grabbed his tools and got to work! Think about that for second! How AWESOME? He had his work truck and all the tools, vacs, and blowers with him to help us out.

water damage blowers doing their jobHe set up about a dozen blowers, 5 dehumidifiers, and got to vacuuming the water with a professional wet vac. He was able to get the water up and left the blowers and dehumidifiers there for 3 days while he stayed on his vacation.

Before leaving he picked up his gear and left, but only after he saved us from disaster!

And guess what, he didn’t even charge us a dime! He said, “This ones on me. Enjoy.”

So without further ado I have to give my strongest recommendation to Chester at WDCS. If anyone in the Colorado Springs area is reading this and you need water cleanup and/or restoration services then call WDCS. You can visit their website here.