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What Is Camp Sister Spirit?

Camp Sister Spirit was Brenda and Wanda Henson’s dream for a feminist retreat and event space. It came to be, and then came under attack by local residents of their small Mississippi town opposed to having out lesbians living or visiting the area. Also featuring attorney and supporter Alison Gude; and CSS lawyer David Daniels.

From Network Q Out Across America Episode 33, July 1994.

Produced and directed by David Surber; Associate Producer Carol Morgan; camera and lighting by Louis Rodriguez; edited by Clark Morris, Gerald Brewer and Michael Turri; graphics by Kelly Lujan; post production :30 Second St., Ltd.

Originally distributed via subscription on VHS tape; aired on public television in the US in 1995.

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Our Friends at WDCS

We want to give a shoutout to our new friends over at WDCS (Water Damage Colorado Springs Company). The owner of WDCS happen to be vacationing in Mississippi in a near by town and was passing through when he noticed the flood we had in one of our buildings. Apparently we had a pipe burst and flooded the main floor of our largest building, soaking the carpet and hard woods.

Seeing that things were not going to get better from the wet vac we were using he grabbed his tools and got to work! Think about that for second! How AWESOME? He had his work truck and all the tools, vacs, and blowers with him to help us out.

water damage blowers doing their jobHe set up about a dozen blowers, 5 dehumidifiers, and got to vacuuming the water with a professional wet vac. He was able to get the water up and left the blowers and dehumidifiers there for 3 days while he stayed on his vacation.

Before leaving he picked up his gear and left, but only after he saved us from disaster!

And guess what, he didn’t even charge us a dime! He said, “This ones on me. Enjoy.”

So without further ado I have to give my strongest recommendation to Chester at WDCS. If anyone in the Colorado Springs area is reading this and you need water cleanup and/or restoration services then call WDCS. You can visit their website here.

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My Friends Worst Nightmare – (Paruresis)

This post is being written to help out a friend. It is her worst nightmare and constantly bugs her day in and day out. I hope this helps a little bit for others suffering with the great Paruresis.

Paruresis is the phobia of using public bathrooms to urinate. This condition, which is also referred to as “shy bladder syndrome” affects people who find it impossible to urinate in the presence of other people. Paruretics (victims of paruresis) suffer from idiopathic form of urine retention that is not caused by any blockage but out of fear to urinate when they do not have privacy.

Paruresis affects the quality of life as those affected suffer in silence when travelling, working in public places or even when they are requested to submit a urine analysis. Paruresis can affect kids in pre-school, children in early or late adolescence and adults in middle or advanced age.

Causes of paruresis

Some paruretics cannot point to any incident that triggered the disorder while others believe it was caused by traumatic incident that took place before or during adolescence. The incident could be harassment in public bathrooms, sexual abuse and teasing by siblings or classmates. Paruresis can also be triggered after humiliation by a parent. Results of recent studies in neurology show that paruresis can be triggered by somatic and psychiatric components.

Although there are many kids who are teased by their peers when using urinals or public toilets, not all of them become paruretics. There is some evidence showing that paruresis could be hereditary. Parents should therefore realize that if one or both of them have disorder, there is higher chance that their child or children can develop it.

Symptoms of paruresis

You can conclude that paruresis exists if the following cycle has occurred:

After an unpleasant experience, the victim anticipates there will be difficulty to urinate after entering a bathroom. Efforts to forcefully control the failure in urinating process and related anxiety with performance will reduce confidence of an individual to urinate when in public facility.


People with paruresis adjust their urinating schedule and try to do it as much as possible at their homes, restrict intake of fluids and do their best to locate vacant public bathrooms. They also avoid extended social invitations so that they do not have to urinate away from privacy of their homes. When paruretics engage in avoidance, it may temporarily reduce their fear to urinate in publicly but this only reinforces the phobic pattern.

Those who suffer from paruresis deny that they feel overly anxious in public bathrooms. They insist that they are just unable to initiate urination. Some paruretics may report psychological symptoms of anxiety such as sweating, dizziness, shaking, faintness and heart palpitations.

 Is there treatment for paruresis?

Most people are searching for the all inclusive shy bladder cure, but it doesn’t exist. There are things you can do to help though. Paruresis can be treated more by sorting the psychological aspect that causes fear to urinate in public. If you are a paruretic, it is important to first visit an urologist to determine if there something wrong with you physically. An urologist will do the following:

  1. Test if there is any underlying physical ailment
  2. Reassure patients that they are not alone in facing the disorder
  3. Discuss behavioral approach   like scheduling urination and   for the men, using private toilet instead of a urinal
  4. Teach self-catheterization if a patient desires
  5. Refer the patient to anxiety disorders specialist for graduated exposure and cognitive therapy.

Of the above treatment methods, it is self-catheterization that provides paruresis patients a way to relieve their problem and improve the quality of their lives. Behavioral exposure therapy has also been reported to have complete or partial success in many cases over the last 4 decades.

Other methods that have in the past been used to treat paruresis with mixed results include hypnotherapy, paradoxical intention and sphincter borulinum toxin injection. Based on limited sample, paruretics can also be treated with adjunct drug therapy. Selective reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)   seemingly help to reduce anxiety levels and enables graduate exposure therapy to work well for some paruresis sufferers. In some instances, a doctor can also do a surgery ie transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) or transurethral microwave therapy. Bashful bladder can also be treated with alternative remedies like breathholding techniques and hypnosis.

Since paruresis is rarely discussed in public, many people suffering the disorder think they are the only ones who are affected. They are therefore ashamed of their condition therefore choose to hide it from their spouses, friends and physicians. The sense of shame, isolation and depression as a result of paruresis can be devastating.

There is hope for parerutics as cognitive behavioral therapy is 80-90% effective and with adjunct drug therapy, it is kept under control. Patients who seek help are not alarmed by the paruresis and know the right measures to control it if it reoccurs.

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Your SEO company matters

Can SEO improve you company rank on Google?

 SEO stands for search engine optimization, a process of optimizing a website for Google’s search engine or landing pages. SEO is a way of connecting searchers to products and services that they are searching for. It helps you to make your keywords, titles and back links relevant to user’s search. This in turn makes your company to rank highly in Google’s search engine and searchers will find you when they are searching for particular products or services that are related to your business.

SEO marketing ensures that your company website is well promoted to enhance visibility. SEO experts are able to devise comprehensive marketing plans that will provide structured exposure to your site. SEO includes addition of relevant keywords within your company website content. These keywords or phrases should be appropriate to your services or products. They should also be the ones that   individuals are likely to use as they search for a company like yours.

Benefits of a professional SEO company

 It is helpful to find a good SEO company when you want to achieve a high ranking on Google. Professional SEO companies are well prepared to offer best search engine optimization service for businesses. For all my sites I use a SEO company based up in Alaska. They are called Alaska SEO and they do an awesome job with helping me rank. A good SEO service should be able to develop and design a web marketing model for your company so as to make it achieve good ranking on Google. Other benefits of a professional SEO service are:

Ability to target oriented viewers

Professional SEO companies have skills to target viewer actively searching for services or products that your company can provide thereby increasing the number rapidly and achieving a high ranking.

 Continuous promotion

Professional SEO services are able to do non-stop promotion of your services or products.

The target of SEO companies is to increase the viewers on their client’s website. Pick a professional SEO service that is loaded with targeted marketing plan as this is what will make your site to gain popularity among the viewers. A good SEO company provider should make content recommendations to enhance search engine visibility got through your company website page by page.

How does Google rank?

 Google uses an algorithm to look for different things so as to list a website in its results when someone types specific set of keywords. Keywords are what the users of internet type into Google’s search engine when they are looking for products or services. For instance, if a user is looking for “best care rental service in California” that is what they will type into Google. Google then presents the user with results that it feels would satisfy needs of a searcher. SEO simply optimizes your business website to be best possible result for certain set of keywords.

What will Google’s algorithm look for?

The main things that Google looks for when ranking your site are keyword density, titles and back links. For SEO to be effective in getting you a high ranking, your website should have appropriate keywords in its title. Have keywords “best removals company in New York” as this is what Google algorithms would pick when ranking for this term. Since the keywords match the ranking for the term the title is optimized.

When using SEO, you should implement the keywords within the content or text of your post or webpage. The keyword density which is the number of times you use a keyword within text should be around 2-4% for Google to see its relevance. When keywords are use too few times, Google will not see that as relevant. Too many keywords on the other hand make Google to assume you are a scammer.

Finding the right keywords for your company

Find the right keywords using Google keyword planner.   This Keyword planner will allow you to type any set of keywords or phrases. It will indicate the number of times that keywords are typed into the search engine each month. You may type in any keyword variation and the planner will bring up similar keywords or phrases to those you are typing in.

When planning to use SEO, this is the most appropriate way to know the kind of lingo used by people looking for specific types of products or services. This information enables you to determine the right combination of keywords for your company which is essential when you use SEO to gain high Google ranking. If your business is based in the Anchorage, AK area I would highly suggest you visit my SEO company I use. They do the best Anchorage SEO there possibly is.

When you use SEO, ensure that you have a suitable marketing strategy as not everything that gets other companies a good rank can work for you.



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Camping Hacks | Dollar Tree Haul

Camping Hacks | Dollar Tree Haul

These camping hacks can all be found at the dollar tree and will make your next camping trip super simple! This is one of my favorite dollar tree hauls and it’s all about camping hacks that are going to help keep things organized while you are out camping.

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25 Camping Hacks That Are Truly Genius

25 Camping Hacks That Are Truly Genius

For many people, especially those from big cities, camping is one of the greatest ways of enjoying the great outdoors. Just you, your friends and nature, far from all the crowds, daily stress and working duties. But as relaxing as it sounds, camping can easily turns into a natural nightmare. DON”T LET IT TURN INTO A NIGHTMARE! Instead, check out these 25 camping hacks that are truly genius.

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Burn sage to repel mosquitoes
Learn poisonous plants
Use Doritos as fire kindlers
Or cotton dipped in wax
and for the ultimate fire kindler, use an egg carton
create personal size soap portions
and more…